What’s Think A-Team?

Welcome to Think A-Team (the A-Team‘s blog) !!

Welcome aboard.

The purpose of Think A-Team, our blog, is to encourage you to Question and Think. And for this, we’ll be posting interesting and thought-provoking articles that we come across, and we’ll look forward to your views on them. We will also post inspiring and thought-provoking quotes by some great people.

You can email us interesting articles or your ideas too, and we’ll post them with credits to you. Because you are bursting with great ideas, and you know it. And you matter.

And if that’s not enough, there will be the occasional business idea that we will post. These would be of interest to aspiring entrepreneurs in search of a good idea to take the plunge. Feel free to contribute your ideas for a great business too. They shouldn’t be the ones you plan to work on, but those that you know you’ll never end up pursuing. After all, we think of so many ideas everyday, and can’t chase them all, so why not share them so others might take them forward?

Coming back to Question and Think, we encourage you not to take anything that happens in your life, at face value. Question the norm, Question the purpose, Question the wrong. Question poor quality or processes. Question the status-quo.

And Think. Think how something can be improved. Think ‘why’. Think ‘why not?’ Think ‘can we make it better?’ Think ‘can it be done differently?’ Think ‘where can we work together to make a positive difference?’

We welcome you to be a part of our efforts, and look forward to interacting with you here.


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