About the A-Team

Welcome to the A-Team’s blog !!

A-Team Business Consulting is a Mumbai-based Design Strategy consulting firm striving to improve the world by using human-centered Design Thinking to help bold and innovative young companies grow better and faster.

Since 2012, the A-Team has been working with young companies in India and abroad, helping them understand their customers a little better, and building relevant and innovative growth and customer strategy around products, services and processes, to help them delight their customers.

We love businesses that dream big, and we in turn like working to shape them into global visionary companies of tomorrow.

The A-Team was founded by Shrutin N. Shetty, and has worked across several industry sectors for clients in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Oman and Abu Dhabi till date.

Operating on an external consultant model, we have capable consultants and a strong board of advisers, comprising of industry veterans who have held top corporate positions as well as guided large business houses in India and abroad.

The A-Team brings to clients, over 197 years of collective experience spanning Business Strategy & Marketing, Human Resources, IT, Robotics, Customer Service, Banking & Venture Capital.

Get in touch with us if you are:

  • an aspiring entrepreneur with an idea or looking for one, or
  • a start-up wanting to find their groove, or
  • a young company in need of new avenues for growth, or
  • a mid-sized company wanting to differentiate from the competition while figuring out how and where to take the next big leap
  • large corporate steering your businesses through the new customer needs and times

…to know how we can help your business grow Better and Faster.

But we are really interested and thrilled if you are thinking of the exciting and seemingly unattainable, and are working toward it despite the numerous unbelievers and naysayers.  If that’s the kind of journey you are on, we’d really like to be there make it even a tad bit easier for you. Because the future, as John Sculley put it, belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.

Let the A-Team help you achieve your dream.

Get in touch today to know how Design Thinking could help your company grow better and faster.

Drop us an email today, at allies@ateamstrategy.in !!!

You can also connect with us on: on Facebook and on LinkedIn

Our website: A-Team


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