Flippin’ Last-Mile Delivery


Image: source

Last-mile fulfillment has always been a matter of concern for a lot of services businesses for many years now. From expensive fees to unreliable services, to having to deploy their own manpower for it, this, literally tiny last bit of the journey a product makes to your house or office, has been a matter of concern to even the biggest of corporate giants.

It’s probably why Flipkart has decided to call in the best of the best to do the job for them. They have partnered with the dabbawalas in Mumbai to have them do the last-mile deliveries when picking up their boxes.

Flipkar’s already been training a batch of dabbawalas to use a paper-based tracking systems, with plans of training them to use apps and wearable tech.

While we’re all for adopting the latest technologies that improve or simplify processes, it would be nail-biting interesting to see how this partnership pans out. Will the dabbawallas get tech-empowered, or will tech throw a spanner in the works of a 120-year old, well-oiled machine.

Read about it here: Flipkart ropes in Dabbawalas for Last-mile Delivery in Mumbai

mumbai-dabbawalaImage: source


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