Zero Tolerance

What does it take a car to become an Audi

I happened to watch this old ad by Audi. It is nothing short of a masterpiece, beautifully capturing the rigorous journey and commitment by a company, towards a simple goal – perfection.

The ad is titled, ‘What does it take for a car to become an Audi?’

Few companies can open the doors to their operations, their processes. Even fewer can, to their intentions and their goals. And they do not do it so much to boast, as they do in order to set new industry benchmarks that their customers can come to expect from them, even without asking. And they do so, so that they can go back to focusing on how to better those benchmarks. Like a line in the ad that goes, “it takes engineers zero tolerance, when it comes to tolerance.”

That is, the only way people or businesses, can get nearer to perfection.

The ad ends with “The unwavering determination to achieve perfection.”

Are you running a business that is working towards becoming an Audi of its industry? One that has an unwavering determination to achieve perfection?


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