The Life of Business

A few weeks ago, a very intelligent person, and a good friend whom I have never met, created a visually stunning presentation to discuss a topic of increasing concern the world over – Businesses leading double value lives. And the humbling bit for me was, he dedicated the presentation to me.

Dr. Anani and I connected on Twitter a few months ago, and have had some interesting interactions since.

In this insightful presentation, Dr. Anani compares businesses to human behavior, which are not really different as many might assume, considering businesses are built with the vision, passion, soul and intentions of the promoter/ business owner or leader. Therefore one must be mindful of how they shape their business; the values, direction and priorities that form the foundation of their business, as that will not only determine the future of the business, but would most certainly influence the shaping their own fate as well.

Ali Anani - Businesses Living Double Value Lives

You can find Dr. Anani’s presentation here, and are welcome to share your perspective and experiences on the topic: Businesses living Double value lives


4 thoughts on “The Life of Business

  1. I think it has all started with competition. To achieve growth at someone’s expense(by bringing him down) has become common in any field. I dont say they all are alike.. but most of them have been at it. Survival in business is based on competition and this sure doesn’t look like a healthy one.

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  2. Buddy… It looks like these double standards in business are growing by the day, the reason for this stays unknown to me. Somehow I get a feeling that values have lost their meaning in today’s ‘competitive’ world. Value, Ethics do not have a stand today. And i do not know how tomorrow will be.

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