The Score – Apple Zero : Android One

Android one-exploded

Image of layers of an Android One smartphone

Has Apple turned itself into a forbidden fruit of sorts?

Here’s a very interesting article by Curt Prins on how Apple has lost the global smartphone war to Google.

While Apple’s retained its high-end focus with aspirational handsets that loyalists stop their world to buy, their primary US focus has almost hit the ceiling, enjoying a 42% market share of the 75% Americans who own a smartphone.

Google, on the other hand, worked with local chip makers and phone manufacturers in India to keep costs under control, and have built and priced the Android One not to cater to people upgrading their smartphone, but for those who currently don’t have one.

Apple is eventually going to have to bite the low-cost bullet. I (Shrutin) don’t own any of their products, but directly and indirectly, I have learnt a lot from the way they do business. I believe it will be impossible for Apple to address the low cost market with the existing brand (you wouldn’t want to dilute a premium brand with low-cost products, and then in the future try and regain that premium brand status as people move upward in their purchasing choices. Not to mention it’s too late to do so. But if Apple does plan to make a move, it would have to either create another brand (to address affordable products segments and geographies) or perhaps acquire appropriate companies and cater to different market segments and geographies appropriately with one or both company products.

Either way, for now the score remains – Apple Zero : Android One

Here’s the article by Curt Prins: link


2 thoughts on “The Score – Apple Zero : Android One

  1. Google is most definitely making the inroads into peoples lives worldwide, with products like the Android One to rope in the consumers, and with very strategic future-focused acquisitions like Titan Aerospace,, SlickLogin, Nest Labs, Boston Dynamics and a bunch of other companies over the years. Club that with their car and the host of existing services, and it’s clear that Google’s working hard to be an integral part of peoples lives in the future.
    Apple on the other hand, should be very concerned, and taking steps to have a place in the future (and at least to the ordinary onlooker, doesn’t seem like they are doing too much on that front).


  2. Profitably.

    Google has, for now, given up on the handset game. Despite “winning”.

    Which then dramatically changes the game. Apple is playing a handset game (with Samsung, et al) while Google is still working on, possibly, furthering the agenda to own your routes to content and digital services.

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