Dropout Entrepreneurs


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Here’s a bucket of cold water for all those dreamy eyed folk who simply assume dropping out of college directly equals succeeding as entrepreneurs. LinkedIn has released a bold report, which, while directed primarily at tech start-ups, warns aspiring teens not to forgo college to found risky tech start-ups.

While only time will tell of the kind of people the current education system shapes up and churns out, I hated how things were back when I was passed through the conveyors of the education system. Putting it nicely, I was nothing more than a quiet, helpless, and puzzled bystander through nearly two decades of a clearly flawed education process.

But between irrelevant and outdated syllabi (at least back in the day), and LinkedIn’s report, guess the only plausible explanation against dropping out, is explained best with the help of Dwight D. Eisenhower quote, that “Plans are nothing; but planning is everything.”

For whatever it’s worth, guess we all need to pass through the system before having a better shot at the bigger and tougher pursuits in life.

Here’s LinkedIn’s report, and more importantly, three graphs that show that successful founders don’t drop out: Link


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