A Tesla Patent Afterthought

It was good news earlier this month, when Elon Musk announced considering making Tesla Motors’ Supercharger Patents public, to spur the development of electric cars. [Link]

In the last few weeks, there have been a lot of strong reactions to this announcement from different quarters. These have ranged from it being a publicity stunt, to skeptics saying that the sharing of patents ‘in good faith’ wouldn’t really guard a company using such patents from a probable lawsuit. And so on. Here are some perspectives [Link]

But here’s something that struck us as an afterthought. Between the well-entrenched petroleum companies, auto majors that have been instrumental in building the US economy over the decades, and auto dealers who are strongly opposed to Tesla Motors’ intention to sell directly to the customer, has given a new age company like Tesla more than its share of resistance.

So perhaps one of the most important reasons behind Elon Musk’s intention to make its Supercharger patents public, is to help Tesla gain some allies among new or existing businesses that use this technology, to help it ‘deal’ with the dealers and the resistance.



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