Quality Over Quantity of Fans

This is an excerpt from a WSJ article titled ‘Social Media Fail to Live Up to Early Marketing Hype:
Companies Refine Strategies to Stress Quality Over Quantity of Fans’

In May 2013, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. bought ads to promote its brand page on Facebook. After a few days, unhappy executives halted the campaign—but not because they weren’t gaining enough fans. Rather, they were gaining too many, too fast. “We were fearful our engagement and connection with our community was dropping” as the fan base grew, says Allison Sitch, Ritz-Carlton’s vice president of global public relations.

Today, the hotel operator has about 498,000 Facebook fans; some rivals have several times as many. Rather than try to keep pace, Ritz-Carlton spends time analyzing its social-media conversations, to see what guests like and don’t like. It also reaches out to people who have never stayed at its hotels and express concern about the cost.

Ritz-Carlton illustrates a shift in corporate social-media strategies. After years of chasing Facebook fans and Twitter followers, many companies now stress quality over quantity. They are tracking mentions of their brand, then using the information to help the business.

Guess time can clear the dust on anything. Here’s an old post from before the Ritz-Carlton bought those ads. And it expressed disbelief in the self-defeating efforts behind ‘More Likes’ and ‘Paid-Likes’. About not stressing quality over quantity: Like Endorsing, Endorse Liking

This mindless global rush for maximizing Likes and Fans is so pointless, it’s not even funny anymore.

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