Return to Innocence

“I’m going to be a Carpenter when I grow up.”
As kids, we all dreamt of taking up a certain or even several professions, oblivious to a lot of the worldly views and reservations. Childhood, a time when we wanted to become someone just out of pure interest or awe for someone we’d seen in that profession, not for the money, not for the fame or power or anything.

And like we saw in “Mr. Deeds“, most of us have probably ended up exactly opposite of what our innocent heads wanted back then.


I [Shrutin] always wanted to be a Fighter pilot (even to this day). That, or a soldier. I remember having regular dreams of rescue operations, covert missions, the works. And they’d be so exciting, I’d run through them again and again to make sure each one was perfect 😀

Let’s hear it from you. What did you want to be, when you were a kid; and what do you do now?


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