Ambulance Pilot

The Problem: Ambulances trying to rush critical patients to hospital, but instead getting stuck in traffic

The Solution:

Bollywood runs in the blood of the average Indian, and yet we fail to spot a brilliant idea when we see one in one of the biggest grossing Hindi movie of all times.

In the movie 3 Idiots, there is a scene where Rancho’s (Aamir Khan) friend Raju (Sharman Joshi) attempts suicide by jumping from a second floor window of his college dean’s office.

The movie sees a tense and blood-soaked Rancho riding a scooter in front of the ambulance that is rushing his friend to the hospital. He plays a critical role, asking vehicles to clear the path for the ambulance to go through. Check out the first 30 seconds of the video below.

While the entire country loved the movie, it’s surprising why a solution as simple as this has yet not been implemented in our congested cities and towns?

The Idea: Motorcycle riders who accompanies ambulances in congested cities and towns that are dispatched for an emergency. The rider clears the way so the ambulance can quickly pick up the patient and rush them to hospital. The rider could also notify traffic police at signal lights to synchronize light changes and moderate traffic to allow for quick passage of the ambulance.

The Cost: The initial fixed cost is the price a bike per ambulance. A Hero or Yamaha motorcycle costs less than Rs. 40,000 in a metro. Recurring costs include fuel, maintenance and salary of the rider, all-in-all working out to about Rs.12000 per month at the best, again, even in a metro.

The recurring costs could be borne by the hospital, divided among doctors/ surgeons at respective hospitals, or distributed over time and patients using the service, or even covered by donations.

The cheapest solution to this, of course, is the traffic police being sensitive to the situation and acting quickly enough, like the outstanding job they do handling traffic when a minister’s convoy is crossing. Patients obviously should be a much greater priority.

So, until helicopter ambulances become commonplace and affordable, let’s hope cops and hospitals can do their bit to address this critical matter at the earliest.

Do you have any cheaper and/ or effective solutions that could solve this problem in crowded cities? We’d love to have your views on it.


2 thoughts on “Ambulance Pilot

  1. Innovative Idea Shrutin. Guess this was posted earlier in some other blog of yours? Or is it a deja-vu moment for me?


    • haha. No deja-vu there, Vishal. Only your great memory. I had posted it on my personal blog earlier. Was putting the older ideas here before starting with newer ones.
      Thanks for the comment though. And your ideas/ suggestions are invited. Also, if there are any business ideas that you would like to be discussed or reviewed, drop me an email, and we’ll try and see if it can be researched and findings posted here.


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