What Do Your Numbers Count For?

The easy questions: How many followers does your business have on Twitter? How many likes does it have on Facebook?

The tough ones: What do these numbers translate to in terms of business? What do they count for in terms of marketing? Or in terms of brand building or brand association?

Businesses of the world in the last few years, got into a mad and blind rush to gain such numbers. It didn’t matter how, it didn’t matter who the followers were or where the likes came from, or even how much it cost to get them, numbers were numbers.

If you have watched the movie 300, I don’t believe there can be a more apt video to depict the futility of numbers if they aren’t being built around a core purpose. If you aren’t adding them to serve a purpose, be it building trust, improving service, or increasing business, why are you?

Irrespective of the size of those numbers, make them count. HA-OOOH.!!!!

Here’s a metric that might help gauge the number of likes on your business page on Facebook: [Just Like That]


4 thoughts on “What Do Your Numbers Count For?

  1. I’ve grappled with this issue for a bit. I understand engagement rates are crucial, and understanding who is engaging, how and why are even more crucial to solving this puzzle.
    But in India today, social media (for some demographics) could be a good alternative to traditional media (which has less measurability).

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    • Thanks for the comment, Yell. Social is a brilliant alternative to traditional in several ways, although it takes more efforts and time to reflect impact. Most importantly, it gives businesses an easier way to engage directly with existing and prospective customers which wasn’t easily possible before. But in the pursuit of big numbers, not sure how much companies are actually building their brand on social media to benefit from it’s long-term advantages.


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