Why Is America Losing its Entrepreneurial Edge?

Below is the link to a Harvard Business Review post by Eric Garland, who attempts to figure out why America is losing its entrepreneurial edge.

Image: link [btw, the image doesn’t mean to indicate losing of the edge has anything to do with the Japanese  😉 ]

The developing and developed world have always admired the innate entrepreneurial drive that Americans have possessed. Be it most of the top multinational businesses the world over that have become household names even for toddlers, or the businesses literally at the edge of technology of the future, the US has often had a significant role to play in driving such initiatives.

Apart from being the land of opportunity for foreigners seeking to build their careers, America has also been the entrepreneurs dream destination from a rich knowledge resource, access to experts and funding point-of-view. From DARPA funded defense and automation focused businesses, to Silicon valleys world-famous start-ups and venture capitalists, America has really been looked up to as a land of limitless potential for the dreamy-eyed entrepreneur.

What could be the main reasons, according to you, for America losing this entrepreneurial edge?

HBR post: http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/05/why-america-is-losing-its-entrepreneurial-edge/


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